SEGPSponsored Education Group Participation
SEGPSpecial Events Grant Program (Montana)
SEGPSouth East Gospel Partnership (UK)
SEGPSpherical Equivalent at Glasses Plane
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Calculation speed/frames Accuracy rate/% Vibe (RGB) 19.56 N/A SEGP 19.07 68.4 AdaVibe 18.98 94.5 Accuracy rate: percentage of correct shadow pixels detected by algorithm against practical shadow pixels.
In equation 4, the value of SI was translated into 15 scales as the SEGP and ESAT_Grade did.
SEGP is intended to prevent Caspian gas from reaching Europe.
According to the K20 Initiative website, two classes of membership are possible: Sponsored Individual Participants and Sponsored Education Group Participants (SEGPs).
Via the K20 Initiative, member institutions--schools, universities, libraries, and museums--deliver educational programming through 38 state and regional Sponsored Educational Group Participants (SEGPs) over a secure, nationwide "second internet."