SEGUMSegen-Mishne (Israeli Army Subaltern / 2nd Lieutenant)
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This implies the need to create the awareness of written letters, the need to read not only textbooks but also to engage in creative, leisurely, and pleasurable reading (Segum 1995).
Comparaciones multiples Prueba Numero de alumnos Grado de significacion T3 de Dunnett <15 y de 15 a 20 ,001 <15 y de 21 a 25 ,000 <15 y de 26 a 30 ,000 TABLA 9 Composicion de la muestra y medias segum la variable Considerar tener conocimentos psicopedagogicos Variable Considerar que se poseen los conocimientos psicopedagogicos suficientes para dar clase a los alumnos con necesidades educativas especiales Total escala Poseer N % Punt.
Chuck Segum, general manager of the 44-store voluntary chain, all of whose outlets are in British Columbia, was not surprised that 2000's results came in close to the conservative projections the company had made.
A particular type of dog, called ur-[mu.sub.2]-da or ur-idim in Sumerian literature, is equated with Akkadian kalbu segum, "rabid dog." This article discusses many Sumerian and Akkadian cuneiform texts that mention the rabid dog and rabies: incantations against the rabid dog and rabies, extispicy and astrological omens predicting an epidemic of rabies, behavioral omens interpreting rabies as an ominous sign predicting disaster for a city, religious texts demonizing it among the monsters of Tiamat, proverbs and letters using it to satirize an evil person, and royal inscriptions describing the demon of the rabid dog among the monsters depicted on palace doors and gates.