SEHABSalmon Enhancement and Habitat Advisory Board (North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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(9) Durante a decada de 1980, a partir da entrada dos movimentos sociais de moradia na pauta de discussoes sobre a producao da cidade na gestao municipal de Luiza Erundina (1989-1992), houve o primeiro programa municipal de habitacao social com foco no centro, promovido pela Secretaria Municipal de Habitacao (Sehab), o "Programa de Recuperacao de Corticos".
DELIGHTED Head teacher Hilary Harrison with Epinay pupils Sehab Uddin, Robbie Reed and Sean Elliot.
El programa especifico de Rehabilitacion de Corticos esta dirigido por la Secretaria Municipal de Habitacao (SEHAB) de la Alcaldia de Sao Paulo, basado en la Ley Moura, la cual es la normativa oficial que brinda los estandares y parametros para la vivienda y rige cada proceso de reestructuracion e intervencion en los corticos.
Com o objetivo de obter uma visao holistica do processo, foram selecionadas duas Secretarias que mais evoluiram na utilizacao da tecnologia (Secretaria da Fazenda (SEMFA) e Secretaria de Desenvolvimento da Cidade (SEDEC)) e duas Secretarias que menos evoluiram (Secretaria de Obras (SEMOB) e Secretaria de Habitacao (SEHAB)).
UNIVERSIDADE DO ESTADO DA BAHIA, SEHAB 2007 Projeto de elaboracao de metodologia para desenvolvimento de Plano de Bairro.
I have not yet brought it to the Parliament's Speaker," Sehab told Aswat al-Iraq.
Wafaa Hanafy Sehab, a lawyer and political activist, who was at the protest, said it was the first of a series of protests calling for Egyptians not to vote.
Lebanese conductor Selim Sehab has said that she was, in global terms, the greatest singer of the 20th century.
'Mera Koi Maazi Nahin" (I have no past) is the book of Sehab Qazilbash, which contains twelve sketches of Urdu poets and writers, with whom she had not only very personal and cordial relations, but also had the opportunity to watch them very closely.
Umm Qarn's Dabaab, who shed her maiden status on her second outing in Qatar, and Sehab, who has now picked up two graduation plate wins this season, were the other two winners for the Frenchman.
Sehab (Jean Baptiste Hamel) Won by 4.25, 1.75, 0.5.
Slums, informal settlements and tenements are abundant in the city: according to the Municipal Secretariat of Housing SEHAB (6), there were 1643 slums, 357 urbanized settlements, 1087 tenements and 1042 informal settlements in Sao Paulo in the year of 2015.