SEHOSpecial Education Hearing Office (California)
SEHOSenior Environmental Health Officer
SEHOSafety and Environmental Health Office
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Speedline Technologies' Closed Loop Nitrogen Control was honored for reflow soldering, and Seho Systems' AOI system to be embedded in a selective soldering machine was recognized for selective soldering.
Also comes with communication software said to enable quick programming by reading current Seho oven configuration and set points, and automatically downloading and loading optimized recipes.
Seho showed the PowerSelective selective soldering machine, with dual pots to facilitate changeover time.
Army Research Laboratories, Rockwell Science Center, Seho USA, and the EMPF Center of Excellence, resulted in a benchtop restoration unit (BART) and ROSA Application Module (RAM) prototype designs.
KG, Chemnitzer Werkstoffmechanik GmbH, Seho Systems GmbH, the Institute of Applied Systems and Circuits at the University of Rostock, the Center for Microtechnical Production at the Dresden University of Technology.
Markus Walter is technical director of Seho GmbH (;
Figure 4 (online) shows a composite coating developed by SEHO that has been used successfully for several years and is suited for all known Pb-free solder alloys.
Quite a few manufacturers of convection-dominant ovens are out there, including Heller, ATE, BTU, Vitronics-Soltec, Electrovert, ERSA, Seho and others from whom I will likely get nasty-grams for not mentioning.