SEHTStudies in Evangelical History and Thought
SEHTSheffield Environmental and Horticultural Training (UK)
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The comparison with similar parameters of relationship for Germany and Iran (Ibs-von Seht & Wohlenberg 1999; Parolai et al.
SEHT method is a simple and high accessory but the SEHT needs high memory and has delays, so it is unfit for real time detection [24,28].
It shows that our proposed method has comparable accuracy to other conventionally used methods including wavelet transform techniques, the differential operation method, the Pan and Tompkins algorithm, SEHT, and the Shannon energy technique.
where [V.sub.s] is the average shear-wave velocity in (m/s) of the sediment layer overlying bedrock, Z is given in meters, and [f.sub.rn] is given in (Hz) (Ibs-von Seht and Wohlenberg, 1999).
Passive-seismic site characterization by means of the horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) method (also known as the Nakamura method (Nakamura 1989)) has been successfully used to determine the thickness of unconsolidated sediments in sedimentary basins throughout the world (lbs-von Seht and Wohlenberg 1999; Parolai and others 2002; Picozzi and others 2008).
Seht, was aus mir geworden ist, ein alter hasslicher Lumpen, das bin ich geworden in den langen Streitereien, im Larm, in Sitzungen, Versammlungen--und wie es drauf ankam, sind alle feige gewesen, und es war so, als wenn ich nicht gelebt hatte.
De Bryene's accounts also suggest that her employment of minstrels for communal celebrations and family gatherings was by no means unusual; her half-brother Sir Richard Waldegrave seht a minstrel in advance of his visit of 10 January 1413 (ibid., 42).
Nu seht, ir saeligen gotes kinder, daz in der almehtige got sele unde lip beschaffen hat.
a kind of counterpart to the nenie of Jitka and the choir of women after the death of Milada "Seht, des Fruhlings schonste Rose/Hle, ta rajska Vesny ruze!".
dog comes `the dog comes.' VL, VL und dann die Katze so sitzt und den Hund uberhaupt nich seht. and then the cat so sits and the dog not at all sees `and then the cat sits like that and does not see the dog at all.' Appendix II.
For instance, "Seht die Hyane, die blind-wutende!" (SW 1: 332; literally, "Look at the hyena in a blind rage") becomes "A foaming-jawed hyena!
Seht die Lilien an: entspringt nicht Gatte und Gattin auf einem Stengel?