SEHVSchneider Electric High Voltage
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- Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd (Reyrolle), Siemens AG Osterreich, KEG, Siemens Transmission & Distribution SA (SEHV) and Magrini are jointly and severally liable for the amount of 10,350,000.
Contract notice: the purpose of this framework agreement is to select award recipients who can carry out energy studies on behalf of the sehv and the communities adhering to the esp87 service.
Contract notice: Supply and transmission of electricity for members of the Sehv.
The SEHV is looking for a service provider to accompany it in the construction of an energy transition strategy for the Haute-Vienne department and to provide all necessary data and analyzes for the "Territorial Diagnosis" and "Territorial Strategy" "Of the PCAETs carried by the territory's EPCI.
Contract notice: Framework agreement for the maintenance and operation of thermal and ventilation members of sehv control group.