SEICSakhalin Energy Investment Company (Russia)
SEICSafety Education & Instruction Council (American Canoe Association)
SEICStrategic Economic Investment and Commercialization (board)
SEICSakhalin Energy Investment Corporation (consortium)
SEICShipboard Environmental Information Clearinghouse
SEICSystem Engineering and Integration Contractor
SEICSelf Employment Information Centre
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This year, SUC added the SEIC Centre, a new facility in the campus where students can showcase their business plans, develop their ideas, and enhance their entrepreneurial skills.
We extend this stream of literature by examining voluntary disclosure of an SEIC, which is beyond the required, mandatory reporting.
SEIC, a Filipino-owned and a wholly export-oriented company, is engaged in the processing, manufacturing and export of such processed marine products as octopus and sillago fish exported to the US, Thailand and Mexico.
"Coca-Cola's SEIC is a productive place for retailers to see live concepts and ideas that can help drive our business together," says Steve Broughton, vice president and general merchandise manager for food and consumables at Walgreen Co.
Trying out ideas in the SEIC, which celebrates its first anniversary this year, is designed to help Coca-Cola decrease development costs, achieve faster speed to market, and develop deeper insights about shopper needs, and develop solutions that more effectively meet those needs.
At the same time, good cooperation continues between Metso, SNJ and SEIC as companies have agreed several future cooperation areas.
The second group of feelings is expressed by the term asakng, which is also the most important term for the SEIC. (8) Asakng designates an "organ" or "organ-like" part of the body not only found in humans, but, as the ritual texts inform us, also in sacrificial animals such as buffalos, pigs and chickens as well as, somewhat surprisingly, in the dead, forebears, ancestors or the mythological numina.
and Europe in 2009 alone, according to a white paper released today by SEI (Nasdaq: SEIC) in
The fourth section examines the conflict between SEIC and the Russian state, which eventually led to Gazprom gaining control over the project.
BJ Tubular Services announced it been awarded a contract by KCA Deutag Drilling LLC on behalf of Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC) to provide hammer conductordriving services offshore Sakhalin Island.
SEI (, a provider of outsourced investment business solutions, has chosen Mobius Management Systems ( to automate its account reconciliation process.