SEICASustainable Energy Industries Council of Australia, Inc. (Dickson, Australia)
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Consumers and logistics agencies, such as shippers and wholesalers, can access the SEICA website and search on the catalog number for the product specifications, history, and other production information.
For instance, let's say you purchased lettuce that has a SEICA label and catalog number.
The main purpose of SEICA is to serve as a reference to help consumers choose safe food, but it is also beneficial to producers, as they can advertise their products directly to consumers and wholesalers.
SEICA is a radical system in that it establishes an official outlet for disclosing the production history of food to the general public, but how is it actually going to be used?
In fact, before starting SEICA, an experimental operation called the virtually identified produce system (VIPS) was established by which users could check information on a website using tagged ID numbers.