SEIEStudent Earned Income Exclusion (Supplemental Security Income exclusion)
SEIESubmarine Escape and Immersion Equipment
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We will continue to focus our research and design efforts into SEIE to ensure we maintain our status as world leaders.
The current SEIE AEL is 2-330023072 with a revision date of November 08.
The reason, the majority of the boats with the SEIE suit modification have desalinator kits that were manufactured at least six years ago.
Don't wait until you need it to find out the SEIE suits have problems and the desalinators do not function properly.
3% have SEIE storage lockers that are not pad locked and anti-pilferage seal installed in port.
Submarines that have had the modifications for SEIE (Submarine Escape Immersion Ensemble), final PMS requirements have arrived for the four reverse osmosis desalinators that accompany the modification.
Two of the UN-60/0 (the larger ball in the picture provided) are issued for each of the life rafts (non SEIE suit boats) and ten of the UN-30A/W's (the smaller ball in the picture provided) for inherently buoyant life jackets.
Most notably, 100% of all submarines surveyed in 2003 failed to secure the SEIE storage lockers IAW MIP 5940/004 (A-1R).