SEIFASocio Economic Indexes for Areas
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Mothers resided in an identified area of significant socioeconomic disadvantage, being in the bottom 10 per cent nationally of areas by postcode on the SEIFA indexes (ABS, 2006).
Measured according to the SEIFA Index of Disadvantage, 52 per cent were
Combining the information of parental occupation with SEIFA data, though far from perfect, is still a useful way to measure a young person's SES.
Other location related variables such as SEIFA and state of residence are mostly not statistically significant.
Table 1: The number and proportion of people living within a 50 km radius of a potential site for a dental service in 'townships' that are more than 50 km from an existing dental service SEIFA 1 2 3 4 5 NSW 8215 7302 5317 2161 1577 VIC 1735 1067 1332 101 QLD 7367 2476 3311 784 718 TAS 973 881 741 WA 2569 5595 4255 728 1336 SA 4566 1798 942 NT 12301 665 638 537 539 Total 37726 19784 16536 9311 4170 PROPORTION BY STATE NSW 31.
Figure 2 shows the spatial patterns of average monthly rainfall, maximum temperature, proportion of overseas visitors, and SEIFA in Queensland by LGA, as well as numbers of locally acquired and overseas-acquired cases.
We used the Australian Bureau of Statistics SEIFA index as our measure of relative socioeconomic disadvantage (12).
The incidence of disadvantage as measured by the ABS SEIFA Index of Education and Occupation is not evenly distributed across states and territories.
The local government area was among the top five local government areas of disadvantage in Sydney, according to the SEIFA index of disadvantage (Liverpool City Council Community Profile, based on most recent available census data).
d) Significant difference between control and intervention groups for SEIFA category distribution (P < 0.
The SEIFA for Maribyrnong is 888, and that for Greater Dandenong 921.
The SEIFA index is compiled by the ABS using information such as income, occupation and levels of education as markers of relative advantage/ disadvantage in a geographical area (ABS, 2006).