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SEIKSexual Earthquake in Kobe (band)
SEIKSingular Evolutive Interpolated Kalman
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We can see examples of this process in the titles of manuals on sex and gender, such as Women's Mind/Heart Manual ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Meinma Seik Kyan) and The Manual of Virgin Girls' Mind/Heart ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Apyo Seik Kyan) ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Thu Kamein] 1958, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Pi Mo Nin] 1969).
Telecon: At least two branches of the long-haired Telecon sect exist, in Kya-In Seik Kyi and Kawkareik townships of Karen state (KNU Sixth, and parts of Seventh Brigade).
Bairfute allone, with pykestaf in hir hand, As pure pylgryme, scho passit owt off town To seik hir sister, baith oure daill and down.
NIC (variedad que conserva la oposicion original) d[epsilon]d morir, h[epsilon]d cabeza, pieI jugar, seIk culebra.
This seems to be an extraordinary number for a syllable type that, from a phonological point of view, is a strongly marked category.(7) Table 1 Chiehyunn Shiahmen Fwujou Jiann'ou Gloss kjeu: kau 3 kau 3 [kiu 3] 'nine' gjeu- ku 6 kou 6 [kiu 6] 'old' ljen lan 2 [lin 2] sain 5 'scale' ljet lat 8 [lik 8] le 4 'chestnut' zjep tsap 8 seik 8 [si 6] 'ten' djung than 2 thoyn 2 thon 5 'insect' djwong: tan 6 toyn 6 ton 6 'heavy' ljuk lak 8 loyk 8 [ly 4] 'six' ljeu lau 2 lau 2 lau 2 'flow' tsje: tsua 3 tsai 3 [tsye] 3 'paper' tsjan: [tsien 3] tsein 3 tsain 3 'shear' tsjang: tsi 3 tsan 3 tsan 3 'well' mjuen- mn 6 muon 5 mon 6 'ask' pjang- pan 5 poun 5 pon 5 'release' djwo: tue 6 to 6 [ty 4] 'ramie' ?je: ua 3 ai 3 ue 3 'lean' ljep lue?
Nan Peng, the Shan woman mentioned above, estimated that a mere one in ten employers was "good natured" (seik gaung-day).
In addition, skirmishing between the Karen National Liberation Army and the governments Border Guard Force broke out on August 5, in Mae Seik village, Papun Township in northern Karen State, the Karen News Said.