SEILASyndicat de l'Emballage Industriel et de la Logistique Associée (French: Union of Industrial Packaging and Associated Logistics)
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The Seila programme was successful in attracting donor funding and in delivering infrastructure projects to rural Cambodians at a time when rural development capacity was lacking.
Executive director Seila Samleang said: "Fruin is a repeat sex offender.
APLE country director Samleang Seila said that teaching young children about sexual abuse presented a number of challenges because their knowledge of sexuality provided limited common ground for conversation.
Seila (Eds.), Proceedings of the 1994 Winter Simulation Conference, 861-867.
He was ordered to pay the boy $1,000 in compensation and will be deported after his release.Samleang Seila, country director for child rights group Action Pour Les Enfants, said the sentence was "too lenient"."We cannot accept it.
[17] reported the existence of hotspots in the 1.5 kb downstream positions of sense genes, while, for Seila and Sharp [18], an antisense transcription is enriched 250 nucleotides upstream from the transcription start site.
HOLYCROSS SEILA (Race 1) is likely to appreciate tonight's drop in class.
Mundi, Seila (2006) Pohikoolist valjalangenud ja lopetanud opilaste riskikaitumine, haigestumine, sotsiaal-majanduslik taust ja toimetulek koolis.
They include Snofru as builder and unique creator of the pyramids of Seila and Meidum, the significance of Nile heights recorded under the 12th dynasty, the stela of Iuyres in the Cairo Museum, Ramses II and his dynasty as traditionalist and innovators, a New Kingdom stela from Memphis, the dance for appeasing Menhyt-Nebtou at Esna, a clay bowl with demotic inscriptions from Tuna al-Gevel, and the Arabic equivalent of the Coptic causative-infinitive.