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The suspect was detained by environmental rangers at the Keo Seima Wildlife sanctuary headquarters on Monday but ran off into the forest the following day, Provincial Environment Department director Keo Sopheak said.
Seima, vaikai, seimos politika: modernejimo priestaros.
Pasibaigus karui, demobilizuotas Wielhorskis su seima apsigyveno Kaune ir aktyviai isijunge i visuomenini bei kulturini gyvenima.
A group of members of the Lithuanian Seima adopted declaration on establishment of a friendship group with NKR.
2010: Monitoring of ungulate, primate and peafowl populations using line transect surveys in Seima Protection Forest, Cambodia 2005-2010.
Assistant Secretary-General, Head of Social Affairs of the Secretariat of the Arab League, Seima Bahooth, said there is a pressing need to forge closer Arab cooperation in the health care domain in light of what is happening in some Arab countries.
spalio menesi i globos taryba kreipesi docente Irena Praneviciene, pageidavusi isigyti nama ir jame su seima apsigyventi.
Globoti seima emesi viengungis tevo brolis Otas, dirbcs vienoje vokieci^ knygij leidykloje redaktoriumi.
The Royal Government's Council of Ministers recently declared the creation of the Seima Protection Forest, which covers more than 1,100 square miles along Cambodia's eastern border with Vietnam.
A During a live draw, Muhammad Abu Salim, Seima Al-Oran and Amer Al-Mahameed won Ford Edge, Ford Mondeo and Ford Focus cars respectively.
Here, according to Toyo Keizai magazine, are some other examples of Japan's business prodigies, with age and name of company in parentheses: Takashi Ono (28, ICF); Shin Fujita (29, Cyberagent); Takafumi Horie (29, On the Edge); Masayuki Shichida, (30, Softbrain); Hirotaka Fukuoka (30, Ergo Brains); Shinji Mitani (31, Mitani Sekisan); Kotaro Nakamoto (32,Nihon Seima); Atsushi Ozaki (32, Daiwa Reiki Kogyo); and Hidehisa Onda (32, Zei Plus).