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SEINStichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (Dutch: Epilepsy Institutes Foundation Netherlands)
SEINSistema Eléctrico Interconectado Nacional (Perú)
SEINState Employment Identification Number
SEINSocial and Environmental Impact Network (Aspen Institute Center for Business Education; now Corporate Governance Network)
SEINSwiss Export Information Network (Switzerland)
SEINSocietal and Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology
SEINSecondary Education in Nigeria (World Bank study)
SEINSupport Equipment Item Number
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Il a estime que le Mouvement Machrou Tounes "est present avec force au sein du front parlementaire progressiste pour la formation d'un grand pole national reunissant les differentes forces du centre capables de rivaliser efficacement au plan politique et presenter une alternative aux problemes politiques, economiques et sociaux".
te, le Maroc organise chaq annAaAaAeA@e des campagnes de dAaAaAeA@pistage du cancer du sein sur l'ensembl territoire national de Tanger AaAaAeA Lagouir
For a time, the Thein Sein administration seemed to be pushing hard to conclude a nationwide cease-fire accord with armed ethnic groups, which have waged war against the central government for over six decades, demanding equal rights and a federal union.
According to President U Thein Sein, the constitutional changes need to be made with reflection of democratic values, but national interests must be regarded as main concern.
Thein Sein on Thursday also presided over the ceremonial turnover of $100,000 in financial aid, on top of seven tons of relief goods, for victims of supertyphoon Yolanda in Eastern Visayas.
le-, lo-, loj-) 'sein, existieren; werden; geschehen; geboren werden', let 'das Sein, Existenz, Wesen; (altung.
Cette initiative, qui entre dans le cadre de la campagne nationale de sensibilisation au depistage du cancer du sein, programmee par le ministere de la sante et la Fondation Lalla Salma de Lutte contre le Cancer, a demarre le 4 octobre et se poursuivra jusqu'au 27 du meme mois dans les trois provinces de la region (Kenitra, Sidi Slimane et Sidi Kacem).
Speaking at the Chatham House think tank in London, Thein Sein said, "I guarantee to you that by the end of this year there will be no prisoners of conscience in Myanmar," according to a transcript of his remarks.
Myanmar President Thein Sein was to meet his French counterpart Francois Hollande in Paris on Wednesday, as rights campaigners reacted sceptically to his promise to free all political prisoners.
During his first official visit to Britain, Thein Sein on Monday promised that all prisoners of conscience in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, would be freed by the end of the year.
Sein made the remarks during a speech in London, after holding talks with Prime Minister David Cameron.
J'ai ressenti la semaine derniere une masse dure dans mon sein droit.