SEIPISemiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines, Inc.
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That is the role of the new SEIPI think tank, which will be headed by an expert in the field of electronics and one on business development, is going to identify the niche products in the next few years.
Lachica said that SEIPI is currently scouting for at least two experts that could undertake the indepth industry study and is also soliciting for funds including the government and the USAID to bankroll this project.
These figures may augur well for the industry, but SEIPI business lead Jaja Gaid is quick to point out that the Philippine is not quite there among the leaders in the region as far as the industry is concerned.
Gaid shared that SEIPI was represented in the international electronics forum in France last October where the city mayor articulated their interest in a possible partnership.
Founding members of the new affiliate organization include SEIPI (Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Inc.
The formation of RosettaNet Philippines is the result of passionate commitment by key private sector companies who believe that adopting e-business standards like RosettaNet is vital to the country's pursuit of global competitiveness," said Ernesto Santiago, executive director of SEIPI.
However, SEIPI official said that the industry group was hoping that exports would recover this year given indications that Mr.
SEIPI also said this situation could reverse the projected 5.
According to the SEIPI statement, the industry faces the risk of line shutdown if materials don't arrive on time.
Cristobal has assured SEIPI of continued support stressing that its supplemental roadmap will be facilitated through the mobilization of resources in collaboration with relevant government agencies.
During the presentation of the Electronics Industry roadmap at the DTI's Trade and Industry Updates (TID Updates) forum late last year, SEIPI President Dan Lachica informed stakeholders that challenges to the industry include high power and imported raw materials cost, short product life cycles, and low level of technology that limits operations to processing, assembly and testing.
As it is, there are already a dozen companies that are engaged in RandD in the Philippines, but SEIPI is eyeing to have more of these types of activities being conducted here.