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SEIRSupplemental Environmental Impact Report
SEIRSoftware Engineering Information Repository (Carnegie Mellon)
SEIRSubsequent Environmental Impact Report
SEIRSoftware and Electronic Information Resources
SEIRSupport Equipment Item Requirement
SEIRSusceptible individuals, Exposed individuals, Infective individuals, Recovered individuals (epidemic model)
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Statistical inference in a stochastic epidemic SEIR model with control intervention: Ebola as a case study.
Hamze Isfahani also used Seir Al-Molouk Ibn-Moghafaa with the name of Seni Al-Molouk and Arzol AlAnbiya, because he largely trusted the accuracy of the material contained in it.
2) Put forward SEIR virus propagation model based on online social networks.
Ibn Ezra points out that going forth from Seir and marching through the wilderness indicate that God revealed His might after Sinai, when Israel met up with enemies like Sihon and Og and defeated them.
The basic process outlined in Figure 1 is known as an SEIR model and forms the underlying approach in this analysis.
The military put checkpoints on the entrances of the towns of Seir, east Hebron and Al-Dahiryeh in the southern side.
The technology can be applied to a variety of applications from SEIR lenses to scopes, cameras, and any application requiring reduced weight and thermal stability.
Parwarish's patron in Chief Major-General (Rtd) Dr Farrukh Seir was confident that the school would eventually grow into a university.
Among the models are: SIS Model, SIR Model and SEIR Model.
You shall not abhor an Edomite for he is your brother: Edom and Seir in history and tradition: 1-11.