SEIRASurface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption
SEIRASeismic Refraction Analysis
SEIRASchool Evaluation and Instructional Research Associates
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Responding to the SEIRA vignettes encouraged people to discuss conditions of income, employment, transport and housing without first person reference to their own situations.
In the SEIRA vignettes we would argue the inverse happened with people taking the task less seriously than they would if they were really being asked by someone (particularly a friend or family member) to recommend places to live.
Steve was a co-investigator on SEIRA and with the project team developed the use of vignettes linked to participatory GIS techniques.
Annemarieke de Bruin is a Research Associate at SEIs York Centre and worked in the project team of SEIRA.
Piran White is Deputy Director of the Environment Department at the University of York, and was a co-investigator on the SEIRA project.
The other signatory was Hany Sa'ad A'al Zaid representing Seiras International Contracting Co.