SEIRSStorage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme (UK business)
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proposed a reduced SEIR scale-free network model and studied its stability.
(for SEIRS system (7) we have that ([a.sub.1], [a.sub.2], [a.sub.3]) = ([gamma], [sigma], [beta])), then expansion around the equilibrium path yields
Stochastic pertubation has been studied by Yang and Mao [12]; they considered a multigroup SEIR epidemic model.
Teng, "On a nonautonomous SEIRS model in epidemiology," Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, vol.
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I have proposed the mathematical model in the form of SEIRS for H1N1 virus.
The underlying infection model used in the simulation is conceptually a combination of the "Susceptible, Infective, Recovered, Susceptible" (11) and "Susceptible, Exposed, Infective, Recovered" (5) models (commonly known as SIRS and SEIR respectively).
In the present work, we focus on a family of SEIRS epidemic models with a time periodic seasonal term, improving the model of Moneim and Greenhalgh in [14], by introducing an incidence rate with a general function taken from [4] and the references therein.
In this paper, we propose SEIR epidemic model with media impact, which incorporates latent and relapse delays.
In [17], Nakata and Kuniya considered the following SEIRS epidemic model:
There have been lots of researches about SEIRS, SIRS models, in which the infectious diseases spread in a single population [1, 2].