SEISSSpace Environment In-Situ Suite (US NOAA)
SEISSSouth East Information Society Strategy (Ireland)
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Our finding is somewhat different to that of Seiss and Praamstra [31] who found only reduced negative compatibility effects with middle-aged participants.
The European Commission decided to continue EU support for a second phase of SEISs. Regional Cooperation also continued in the context of the EU Green East programme.
De Los Santos won the event, recording the most laps (26), by one lap over Seiss and David Neumer (25 laps each).
However, the dissenting judge in Habitat Education Center stated that she could not "find anyevidence in this record that the Forest Service took the hard look which the law requires," that "nothing in the record justifies the Forest Service's decision not to supplement the McCaslin and Northwest Howell SEISs to take account of Fishel," and held that "the agency's failure to supplement [was] arbitrary and capricious." (275) In particular, the dissent pointed out that the lower court found the Fishel project "reasonably foreseeable" given a scoping notice put out about the project, and therefore could have been meaningfully discussed.
A proclivity for nesting close to edges has been widely reported for Wild Turkeys (Hillestad, 1970; Speake et al., 1975; Everett et al., 1985; Campo et al., 1989; Seiss et al., 1990; Still and Baumann, 1990).
Many studies have described fine-scale, within-patch characteristics of turkey nesting sites by comparing successful and unsuccessful nests (Seiss et al.
SEiSS. VDI/VDE Innovation und Technik GmbH and Institute for Transport Economics at the University of Cologne.
Seiss (Scarecrow Books, 2002), which addresses this audience.
The amplitude of No go-P3 in the frontal region is related to the deployment of attentional resources (Praamstra & Seiss, 2005) and its latency reflects the time required for stimulus categorization and evaluation (Praamstra & Seiss, 2005; Ramautar, Kok, & Ridderinkhof, 2004).
Leaders need to think differently about colleges, how they operate, and ill general, the whole purpose of their existence (Myran, Seiss, & Howdyshell, 1995).
A [BOD.sub.5]/COD ratio 0.5-0.6 could be considered as threshold value to study the biodegradability of organic substances into the hospital wastewater (Seiss et al., 2001).