SEIUService Employees International Union
SEIUSpecial Education Intake Unit
SEIUSecondary Education Interdisciplinary Unit
SEIUSoftware Engineering Institute Union
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Although the SEIU has sometimes described Fight for $15 as a semi-autonomous entity, distinct from the union itself, the UUR says workers affiliated with the campaign are effectively SEIU employees.
SEIU charged that the UHW was guilty of "financial malfeasance" when it established a $6 million healthcare education fund for the purpose of campaigning on healthcare issues.
That vote will be scheduled by the SEIU and is expected to take place soon.
With its own global campaign exposing Sodexo's human-rights failings, SEIU is trying not only to pressure the company to make it easier for workers in the United States to form a union but also to help develop that "technology" to organize Sodexo workers around the world.
This latest fight comes as SEIU is under fire for alleged financial mismanagement in a local chapter representing home-care workers.
In 2004, SEIU submitted legislation to have providers declared state employees and simultaneously requested the same ruling from the state labor relations board.
Joint Organizing Campaigns entered into between the parties will be premised on the following principle: The UAN will have exclusive right to represent the registered nurses and SEIU will have the exclusive right to represent the other health care workers.
And ask the members of those unions how much their voices counted in the restructuring of the SEIU.
The annual turnover rate in my hometown of Chicago, where SEIU has represented security officers for more than 50 years, is only 25 percent.
SEIU has raised concerns about Wackenhut's labour practices before.
Through a network of Web sites called "Locals Online," SEIU was able to quickly coordinate a response to September 11 and bring assistance to the thousands of working families affected by the tragedy.
SEIU officials deny the charges, denouncing them as racist because they involve a group of union officials and workers who are predominantly Haitian.