SEIranSoutheast Iranian (linguistics)
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Seiran, painted by Omura Koyo in 1921, which Thomsen sold to Chicago in 2007 following the pair's rediscovery after 80 years (Fig.
Japanese published sources indicate that the Model 33 design study was turned into a study of catapult-launching of the Ohka from submarines--as perhaps learned from the already existing M6A1 Seiran special attack aircraft operating from the 1-400 Class aircraft-carrier submarines.
By Mike Derderian, Star Staff Writer Adorned with Japanese manuscripts scribed by the hands of Yanagida Seiran, Darat Al Funun's showroom walls gently echoed with the murmur of a Tokyo story written 51 years ago.
Also posed near the Enola Gay are some incredibly striking examples of World War II aircraft types: a P-47 'Thunderbolt', a P-38 'Lightening', a Hawker Hurricane, a FockeWulf 190, a Mitsubishi AGM5 'Zero' fighter and other extremely rare craft like an Arado AR 234 'Blitz' jet bomber and the submarine-launched fighter-bomber, the Aichi MGA1 'Seiran'.