SEJUSveda Esperantista Junulara Unuigxo (Esperanto organization; Sweden)
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'My new song Seju was released last month and I am not in a rush because I know that music is a process that one must follow.
Program commenced with a tribute to the renowned social activist late Baba Amte by Seju Davis.
This group was called the Wonsan Spiritualist Party and included laywomen Kim Jung-il and Kim Sung-do who were related to the Seju church in Chulsan.
"As a consequence, the use of such alcoholmeters increases the risk of road accidents," said the French government, which has suspended the sale of models whose brands include Automan, Alcosafe, Alcooguide, Seju Engeenering Safe Mate; Digital clip sonic, CA 2000, Alcotest, ABT, Ethylo, Testalco, Homme Moderne and Trooper.
Probe underway," said Seju P Kuruvilla, DCP, Outer District (Delhi).