SEKASouth East Kiting Association (UK)
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In an interim decision, the court granted an injunction against turning SEKA over to its prospective owners and later decided to cancel the sale on Oct.
Erdoy-an immediately made the best use of this new law and had the Cabinet issue a decision in June 2012 that made challenging the SEKA privatization deal -- among others -- in a court of law impossible, citing "impracticability" issues.
That is not true, however; the court granted an injunction against the SEKA deal after four months, but the EuyB intervened very late and tried to return the properties handed over to Albayraklar Holding.
SEKA is unfortunately just one example, and there are many other cases like it.
The SEKA Balykesir paper factory was privatized in 2003 and sold to Albayrak Turizm Seyahat ynE-t Ticaret A.
the ports of EceE-me and KuE-adasy, the SEKA paper factory in Balykesir as well as the 14.