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SEKESoftware Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (International Conference)
SEKESingle Entry Keyboard Equivalent (computing)
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We already bought the land in Krusevo and started the procedure of taking out a building permit before we begin constructing our facility," said SEKE SA General Manager Alexandros Kontos.
"The region of Krusevo is one of the major tobacco production regions," said SEKE Director Alexandros Kontos.
The apodosis predicts the negative consequences for the body by employing a modal verb construction with will (he will be seke).
Rine, "Case study methodology designed research in software engineering methodology validation," in Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE '04), pp.
Seke Rural Home-based Care" [the Alliance support NGO], supports caregivers with "some income activities e.g a peanut butter making project and rearing chickens for sale" and "the Global Fund ...
It is of widest appeal to literary scholars because Chaucer's pilgrims, like those immortalized in a stained glass window that Koopmans did not include, told tales (orality) on the way to Canterbury, where they went "The hooly blissful martir for to seke / That holpen whan that they were seeke:' The Becket cult emphasized healing and later collections, which were characterized by greater size, variety, and increased precision about names and places, concentrated on healing miracles.
En la actualidad los cuadrantes representan hoy un mosaico de subgrupos (11), cada uno con sus particularidades propias en rituales (naha namu), fiestas (mare mare) e instrumentos musicales (seke seke).
[1] Ginige, A, Web engineering: managing the complexity of web systems development, SEKE. (2002) 721-729
Remiantis tyrimo duomenimis galima teigti, kad matematinis modelis atitiko realu modeli, nes eksperimentu metu lazerio spindulys numatyta judesio trajektorija seke esant nedidelei paklaidai.
He is already dead, isn't he?' Ulysses is playing a clever game with Andromache, but Heywood's translation does not catch the tension: Well done, he will be found at length, 1625 go to, still seke hym out, Now shallhe dye: what dost thou feare?
In the actual design, the SDArch (Nesic et al., SEKE 2010) functionalities are encapsulated into five services: 1) the semantic document authoring, 2) the semantic document search and navigation, 3) the user profile management, 4) the social network management, and 5) the ontology management services.