SEKOSectie Elastische Kousen Orthobanda (Dutch therapeutic stockings company)
SEKOStudent Environmental Knowledge and Opinion Inventory (questionnaire)
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This type of automation of fulfillment rules and content doesn't happen magically, notes Bourke, but instead relies on SEKO properly configuring the order fulfillment solution.
Wokers are personally responsible for how the company fares, making SEKO not an organization full of employees, but one full of owners.
We needed this expansion to keep pace with our growth in the Netherlands, which is being driven by client demand for our eCommerce fulfillment, Omni-Channel and cross-border expertise, said Bob van der Putten, managing director of SEKO Logistics, Benelux & Germany.
The result of all these problems is that Cyprus gets a bad reputation as a tourist destination, as does Paphos, SEKO said, calling on the minister to realise the urgency of the situation in light of the summer season and take all necessary actions to resolve the problem.
This is an important initiative for SEKO," states SEKO President and CEO, Bill Wascher.
Soteriades added that SEKO had sent a letter concerning a casino for Paphos to the President in May and recently received a reply, which was non committal.
In a press release on Wednesday the Swedish maritime employers' organisation SARF said that it had been notified by SEKO that the strike would expand to a further 17 vessels on 18 June.
I see this opportunity as a way to reinvent SEKO and establish an even bigger presence, continuing global expansion and growth leadership.
SEKO McAllen will specialize in cross-border processing and distribution of raw materials and finished goods - both southbound and northbound.
When Bill Wascher, Tom Cagney and Steven Goldberg purchased SEKO on October 31, 2002, they made three commitments to the network's Strategic Partners (independent contractors).
Being included in this list is a great validation of our dedication to client success," stated SEKO CEO William Wascher.
Jim brings to SEKO a tremendous track record of building and managing sales departments with other transportation-related companies," stated Wascher.