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SEKTSemantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies (research project; EU)
SEKTSemantic Knowledge Technologies
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Tr Styles do vary and much Sekt is still produced by the fruit forward tank method (the same as many a Prosecco), and as we do seem to love our bubbles, Germany seems like a good place to explore!
And guests at all of them sip sekt, which in its best incarnation can stand its own against fine champagne.
alawiji, ktera je primarne nabozenskou sektou nedisponujici detailne propracovanou hierarchickou strukturou moci jako v pripade jinych sunnitskych ci siitskych sekt (jazidija, ahmadija aj.), a jeji politicky uspech byl zapricinen nahodilou souhrou nekolika naprosto odlisnych faktoru, ktere ji vynesly na vysluni.
The sparkling wine, or Sekt (ZEHKT) in German, from this region shows promise.
On the Molokans, see [Grigorii Pokrovskii], "Istoricheskiia svedeniia o molokanskoi sekte," Pravoslavnyi sobesednik (September 1858): 42-80; (November 1858): 291-327; Timofei Ivanovich Butkevich, Molokanstvo (Khar'kov: Tipografiia Gubernskogo pravleniia, 1909); Butkevich, Obzor russkikh sekt i ikh tolkov (Khar'kov: Tipografiia Gubernskogo Pravleniia, 1910), 281-461; Fedor Vasil'evich Livanov, Raskol'niki i ostrozhniki: ocherki i razskazy, 4 vols.
There is plenty of good sparkling wine from Germany - Sekt and Italy - Prosecco, as well as the Cava from Spain and the vast quantities made now in the South of France.
(23.) "Cjm se oni od ginych nowokrtencuw delj, a kolik g[es]t gich sekt? Powedeli, ze sau oni ode wssech, kolikoz g[es]t gich koli sekt, rozdjlnj, y od sabataru y od spolecnjku.
State-of-the-art Survey on Ontology Merging and Aligning V2, EU-IST, Integrated Project (IP) IST-2003-506826 SEKT: Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies.
The troops, according to a German Defence Ministry report, also received about 70,000 litres of wine and sekt, a German sparkling wine.
The latter's sparkling wine market is largely dominated by German sekt brands and cava from Spain is also very popular.
This work has been supported by the EU IST-projects ALVIS (Superpeer Semantic Search Engine, IST-1-002068-STP) and SEKT (Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies, IST-2004-506826).