SELCALSelective Calling System
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The acquisition of the Motorola SELCAL line along with the earlier acquisition this year of Coltech, a leading player in the industry, firmly consolidates the SELCAL market with Avtech.
This acquisition will greatly strengthen our product offering to the commercial air market and will benefit OEMs and airline procurement activity by consolidating their SELCAL vendors into one central and highly specialized body," said Jeff Smith, president of Avtech.
To assure a seamless transition, Motorola will continue to manufacture and supply the SELCAL product line to Avtech through March 2001, when all operations and production will transfer over to Avtech's Seattle facilities.
The SELCAL decoders relieve flight crews from having to continuously monitor the radio while ensuring the rapid and reliable access necessary to meet operational communications regulations.
Coltech's SELCAL decoders will be transitioned into Avtech's Seattle manufacturing facilities by the end of this year.