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SELDISurface Enhanced Laser Desorption/Ionization
SELDISoutheast European Legal Development Initiative (est. 1999)
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You can easily imagine the possibility of putting antibodies on the SELDI chips, or other kinds of ligands .
We are pleased that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has decided to re-issue this patent as we believe it further validates the innovation underlying SELDI technology," said Gail S.
We found DEP exposure-induced changes in the abundance of a number of proteins using a SELDI methodology.
However, this data must be cautiously assessed due to the limited number of patients and the small changes that can be measured using SELDI.
Drake's group has employed Ciphergen SELDI platforms in their proteomics studies and they are now using a Bruker/Daltonics MALDITOF/TOF.
With this agreement, we are pleased to have enabled Ciphergen and SELDI users easy and flexible use of HDC's intellectual property," said Gail S.
sup][7],[8] However, SELDI technology has very low reproducibility, and cannot detect low-abundance proteins.
Although the rise and fall of the ill-fated SELDI profiling platform were well documented at that time in several scientific journal news updates, the underlying reasons for its failure were not really understood.
Importantly, Bio-Rad has significant expertise, a broad, existing life sciences customer base and a commitment to continue to develop the SELDI platform.
In an independent set of masked serum samples from 15 lung cancer patients and 31 healthy individuals, SELDI analysis yielded a sensitivity of 93% and a specificity of 97%.
Among other projects, Merrick's group uses SELDI to examine the mechanisms of action of two key proteins involved in cell growth and cell death--p53 and NFKB.