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SELDISurface Enhanced Laser Desorption/Ionization
SELDISoutheast European Legal Development Initiative (est. 1999)
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You can easily imagine the possibility of putting antibodies on the SELDI chips, or other kinds of ligands .
We are pleased that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has decided to re-issue this patent as we believe it further validates the innovation underlying SELDI technology," said Gail S.
We found DEP exposure-induced changes in the abundance of a number of proteins using a SELDI methodology.
However, this data must be cautiously assessed due to the limited number of patients and the small changes that can be measured using SELDI.
Proteomic evaluation of archival cytologic material using SELDI affinity mass spectrometry: potential for diagnostic applications.
We used SELDI to reveal the protein fingerprints of candidate disease biomarkers in sera from patients with early-stage ovarian cancer.
With this agreement, we are pleased to have enabled Ciphergen and SELDI users easy and flexible use of HDC's intellectual property," said Gail S.
When data from three SELDI markers were combined with CA19-9 in a diagnostic model, the results were significantly better than CA19-9 alone.
A new solution for the analysis of MALDI-TOF and SELDI data for biomarker discovery which uses the unique Progenesis alignment approach at the core of its workflow.
However, SELDI provides proteomic profiles rather than actual identification of proteins.
Importantly, Bio-Rad has significant expertise, a broad, existing life sciences customer base and a commitment to continue to develop the SELDI platform.
This review describes the MS-based analyses of various classes of biomolecules and the applications for each class achieved through chromatographic techniques, including gas chromatography(GC), capillary electrophoresis, liquid chromatography (LC), and affinity methods, such as SELDI.