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SELEXSystematic Evolution of Ligands By Exponential Enrichment
SELEXSegmented Large X (baryon spectrometer)
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Methods: After 10 rounds of cell-SELEX, DNA aptamers were isolated against PSMA using LNCaP cells as a target and PC-3 cell lines for counter SELEX.
The agreement follows a Memorandum of Collaboration signed in October 2011 between Boeing and SELEX Sistemi Integrati in which the two companies agreed to cooperate on the SESAR and U.
Under this agreement, SELEX Communications will undertake transfer of its technology for Radio Relay systems, Switching systems and Field Wireless systems etc, to address the TCS program needs.
Singh, CMD of Rolta, said, "We are very pleased that we are in a position to address the Indian military communications requirements with field proven technology from SELEX Communications, and to integrate them with Rolta's defense solutions, to meet the stringent standards of the Indian armed forces under the Government of India's defense modernization and capacity building programs.
John Hodder, Head of SELEX Communications Yacht Technologies, commented: Even on the largest superyachts, space for antennas and sensors is limited.
In 2005, in association with Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB), SELEX Sistemi Integrati set up the joint venture Abu Dhabi Systems Integration - ADSI (of which SELEX Sistemi Integrati owns 43% and Abu Dhabi Ship Building 57%), which is active in the defence and homeland security sector.
SELEX said the contract, which will provide service to about 3,000 users and extend coverage to more than 75% of the Slovenian territory, represents the second part of a multi-year project to create the nationwide TETRA network.
This new order, combined with the [pounds sterling]100 M development order awarded for Euro-DASS earlier this year and a [pounds sterling]500 M order to manufacture the CAPTOR radar system awarded in December 2004, brings the total orders awarded to SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems for Tranche 2 of the Eurofighter Typhoon programme to approximately [pounds sterling]1.
SELEX scientists presented evidence of about 8 of the first particles and 16 of the second on May 31 at a Fermilab seminar.
It has proved invaluable in uncovering improvement opportunities in both our product design and our manufacturing processes," says Alisdair Smith, Staff Engineer at SELEX.
8m equipment order from the UK company SELEX Communications Ltd.
They described the protocol, called SELEX, in the Aug.