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Selg, Peeter (2013) "The politics of theory and the constitution of meaning", Sociological Theory 31, 1-23.
With these elements, Selg created an all-encompassing mise-en-scene, an experiential world that evoked a postapocalyptic vision of starting over alone, with a simplicity and directness of approach.
"The portrait, comments, and updates provide constant reminders of the existence of 'friends.' The content is not all that important, but the effect is that we perceive our Facebook friends as closer than other acquaintances who are not on Facebook," said Selg.
haab 'aspen', hapu 'sour', ihu(-ma) 'to hone', jahva(ta-ma) 'to grind', jumal 'god', kaheksa '8', kevad 'spring', kuk(-lane) 'ant', kummar(da-ma) 'to bow', karbes 'fly', kund(-ma) 'to plough', loo(-ma) 'to create', mahtu(-ma) 'to fit', mari 'berry', nood 'those', oks 'twig', oota(-ma) 'to wait', parm 'horsefly', pusima 'to stay', saar 'ash tree', selg 'back', tamm 'oak', tuum 'nucleus', taht 'star', uhmer 'mortar', vaher 'maple', valge 'white', uheksa '9'.
aastal "Aktuaalse kaamera" tegijate olukorda legendaarse "Kuuramaa kotiga", kus "vaenlasel oli selg vastu merd ja Punaarmee tuli hoogsalt peale".
In the field of semiotics it is worth referring to some recent works dealing with semiotics' relation to politics and power (Monticelli 2008; Steedman 2006, Bolton 2006; Mandoki 2004) and the possibilities for "political semiotics" as a discipline (Volli 2003; Selg and Ventsel 2008; Ventsel 2009a; Drechsler 2009;) and the issue of semiotic social sciences more generally (Heiskala 2003); we could also refer to concrete analyses of signs in political propaganda, campaigns, projects, framing, advertisements, identities and ideologies (Xing-Hua 2005; Zichermanm 2006; Ponzio 2006; Petrilli 2006; Clark and Jacobs 2002; Mcilwain 2007); or several analyses of the semiotic environment of the over-politicized societies (see Lepik 2002; Babayan 2006; Buckler 2006; Ventsel 2009b).
Among them was the exhibition "Estrela Brilhante da Manha" (Bright Morning Star), curated by Natxo Checa, which brought together eleven Portuguese and foreign artists, including Alexandre Estrela, Jannis Varelas, Markus Selg, Brian Butler, and Anger himself.
Ninety-six advanced students and postgraduates, 45 male, mean age = 25.6 [+ or -] 3.5 years, completed a prosocial orientation scale and an aggressiveness scale (Fahrenberg, Hampel, & Selg, 2001).
A WRU spokesman said "all relevant issues" would be discussed at an SELG meeting tomorrow.
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