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I am but a simple butcher, and to Nottingham am I going, my flesh to sell. 'Tis Fair week, and my beef and mutton should fetch a fair penny," and he laughed loudly at his jest.
Here he took from his girdle a well-filled purse, and continued, "I would fain be a butcher, this day, and sell meat at Nottingham town.
But come, tell me for what price thou wilt sell me all of thy meat and thy horse and cart."
"At four marks do I value meat, cart, and mare," quoth the Butcher, "but if I do not sell all my meat I will not have four marks in value."
Besides--the candles which they sell behave very strangely in warm weather.
"But you do not intend to sell your diamonds, I suppose, madame?" exclaimed the bewildered jeweler.
"Then you must just sell them for what you can get."
He was dressing in the eye-department during the summer session, and he had bought an ophthalmoscope off a student who had one to sell. He had not paid for this, but he lacked the courage to tell the student that he wanted to go back on his bargain.
"They'll loudly talk of Christ's reward, And bind his image with a cord, And scold, and swing the lash abhorred, And sell their brother in the Lord To handcuffed heavenly union.
"Hum!--none that I could well spare; to tell the truth, it's only hard necessity makes me willing to sell at all.
"Then give me a letter to him, and tell him to sell out without an instant's delay, perhaps even now I shall arrive too late."
Not only did he own the dump, but he owned the brick factory as well, and first he took out the clay and made it into bricks, and then he had the city bring garbage to fill up the hole, so that he could build houses to sell to the people.