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SELLENSouth East Local Learning and Employment Network (Australia)
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Harper, R., Rodden, T., Rogers, Y., & Sellen, A.
"At no little risk to themselves they followed the defendant as he ran to the train station JUDGE ANDREW BRIGHT PRAISES TYLER AND LIAM SELLEN
and constructed by Sellen, the structure will cover an area greater than that of two football fields and will feature a roof that slopes from a height of 90 feet down to 55 feet.
A collaboration between HCG, ZGF Architects (Seattle), and Sellen Construction (Seattle), it was delivered as an integrated project delivery (IPD) project and funded by CHI.
Sellen Construction is using temporary surface protection in this project to ensure that their expensive finishes will remain pristine and damage-free.
In brief, these reading-writing cycles in expert readers may be interpreted as a complex interaction between the knowledge that the reader-writer-learner has already stored and details provided by the characteristics and data included in external sources of information, either the original text or the summary (O'Hara, Taylor, Newman, & Sellen, 2002).
As noted by Sellen and Harper (2002), paper is still around in many of our everyday activities and settings, despite the undeniable advantages of digital media.
Morfa Bay instructor Tom Sellen , curator and guide to the World War One trench, poses as 'Tommy'
Five items measured on the 7-point Likert scale were developed based on Sellen (1992) and Daly-Jones, Monk, and Watts (1998) (M = 1.93, SD = .93, a = .80).