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The NBA set the all-time record for playoff sellouts last night with the 70th sellout for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons.
The Athletics, benefitting from hosting the Yankees, posted their second sellout of the season at 35,067, or capacity of the current Overstock.
The results of the sellout of Grand Sierra Lodge builds on the recent sales success of two Intrawest townhome developments in Mammoth: The Cabins at Crooked Pines and Juniper Crest, making this the third real estate sellout in Mammoth this year.
Five years ago, Fresno State might have filled the Coliseum with even more fans, but every USC game is a sellout or near-sellout these days.
Board of Directors he expects the band Cake to sellout the 1600 person venue this Sunday.
Faced with a "sell it out, or it's blacked out" mandate, those clubs that are near the edge of not being sold out have seen actions that artificially reach sellout numbers.
But here's what won't end up in the league's next glowing news release: Colorado's decade-long sellout streak has been in jeopardy, an Islanders-Rangers game didn't sell out for the first time since 1998 and hockey's miniscule TV ratings, on a network that features ``Survivor'' reruns, still lag behind poker.
Classic Rivalry, Classic Hits From Their Sellout Summer Tour
you can throw in the Yankees as a sellout game, as well, even as attendance was 404 below seating capacity.
USC's game with Washington State is a sellout, the first homecoming sellout since 1965 and that game was against UCLA.
Winning and good weather came together and gave the club their first non-Opening Day sellout since May 24, 2008 when they played the Texas Rangers.
Road sellout: The Notre Dame game is a sellout, which is USC's fourth straight road sellout this year and eighth straight sellout away from the Coliseum.