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SELMSimulated Electronics Launch Missile
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Second, some studies report that there is no difference in performance between progressive and conservative regions, no matter how they are defined (Van Selm, 1998).
AN NAHAR reported Israeli political sources as saying, "Israel hopes the Kherbet Selm blast would act as a warning against Hizbullah's action and growing influence in south Lebanon ahead of the UN Security Council's discussion of the UNIFIL's mandate." Israel is also trying to use the explosion "to stress the importance of intensifying UNIFIL's work in south Lebanon," the same sources said.
As well as the July explosion in Kerbet Selm, which stirred tensions between the Lebanese people and UNIFIL, as well as Hizbullah and Israel.
Joanne van Selm is Senior Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute, Washington, D.C., and Senior Researcher, Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Amsterdam.
Tensions between Hizbullah and Israel had risen after a weapons cache exploded in July in Kherbet Selm in southern Lebanon.
Certainly, the post-September 11 "securitization" discussion has filled in and elaborated upon the sketch presented in van Selm's essay.
Fayyad's words came during a memorial ceremony in the town of Majdel Selm in South Lebanon today.
A previous incident between UNIFIL and the inhabitants of south Lebanon took place in July, when UNIFIL were investigating a series of explosions in a weapons depot, reportedly belonging to Hizbullah, in the southern town of Kherbet Selm. Fourteen UNIFIL troops were injured as inhabitants attacked them with stones.