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Four days later, some 3,000 marchers departed from Selma, this time crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge without incident.
In Dallas County, where Selma is located, only 1 percent of eligible blacks were registered.
So King and his team head to the community of Selma, Alabama to lead a peaceful protest march with their friends from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).
She hopes Selma - the highly-acclaimed new film about Martin Luther King's civil rights battle - will help her cause.
Au fil des ans, la fondation Lalla Selma prevention et traitement des cancers est devenue un veritable pole de reference, connue et reconnue par les plus hautes instances medicales du monde.
I had to call David Oyelowo [the actor cast as King] and tell him, 'Please call your friend and tell him he wants to do Selma.
For Filloux, Selma '65 is a way to remember the literal blood and sweat that it took to get the 1965 Voting Rights Act passed, and to draw attention to those who have been forgotten in the history books.
Teresa Selma esta acompanada en escena en esta ocasion por Gustavo Martinez Zarate, con ambientacion escenografica, iluminacion y direccion de Ylia O.
Early in the film, we learn that Selma is afflicted by a disease that will soon render her blind.
While their neighbours the Reverend Ronald Pearson and his wife Selma will do the same on March 31.
The Spanish media outlets, which report all the activities of "separatists" and enemies of Morocco's territorial integrity, prefer to "keep quiet about the case of the abduction of my son," Ismaili Moulay Selma Ould Sidi Mouloud said.