SELNSelenoprotein N, 1
SELNState Extension Leaders Network (Australia)
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In my pain an' trouble, lookin up yonder, - wi' it shinin on me - I ha' seen more clear, and ha' made it my dyin prayer that aw th' world may on'y coom toogether more, an' get a better unnerstan'in o' one another, than when I were in 't my own weak seln.'
A USB (3.0) port was also important for transferring data from an instrument in the lab to the SELN through a thumb drive.
The organization and development of the content of this paper was facilitated by creating a SELN notebook, with appropriate sections and pages to collect resources and document ideas and concepts.
The most common and straightforward use of a SELN is as a journal to document each experiment as it is being conducted.
The best features of a SELN are personal to each user since they are so flexible and adaptable that customization is easy and each individual has their favorite uses.
Para amplificacao dos genes seg, sei, selm, seln e selo, utilizou-se PCR uniplex conforme protocolo previamente descrito por BLAIOTTA et al.
Alem disso, nas outras cepas (31), nao houve amplificacao do fragmento egc parcial quando um ou mais genes estavam ausentes, como foi observado em tres cepas que carreavam os genes seg, selm, seln e selo, em duas que possuiam o gene seln, e nas demais que nao carreavam genes desse cluster.
Dez cepas portavam o cluster egc completo (genes seg, sei, selm, seln e selo); entretanto, apenas uma (10%) foi isolada em embutidos carneos, indice semelhante ao relatado por BANIA et al.
Uma cepa proveniente de embutidos carneos e duas de queijos carreavam os genes seg, selm, seln e selo.
The lowest [DELTA] genotype, ANO-1509-2 seln l, was expected to have a higher value of TE than that observed in this glasshouse experiment (Table 4).
TUB-1789 seln 1 is branched, and TUB-1789 seln 2 is unbranched and both gave identical [DELTA] values (Table 1).
Interestingly, the lowest [DELTA] genotype (ANO-1509-2 seln 1), discussed above, had very low stomatal conductance, high A [g.sup.-1] (Table 2) and thick leaves (Table 4).