SELORShip/Seaborne Emitter Location Report
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Vacancies for high-level management functions were openly advertised and the recruitment decision was based on an assessment of basic competences by an independent head hunter firm, an assessment of specific knowledge by Selor and an interview with the ministry interested in hiring.
In 1982, Lejau and other leaders of Data Dian had travelled to Tanjung Selor on several occasions to talk to government officials.
There are also numerous Kayanic peoples who have moved to urban centers, like Samarinda, Tenggarong, Balikpapan, Melak, Tarakan, and Tanjung Selor, as well as to other islands in Indonesia.
APPENDIX Topical Category Descriptions Category Description Professional Issues Roles of responsibilities of counselors, coun- selor training, needs of school counselors, professional development, perceptions of coun- selors, research and evaluation of programs.
Today, this remote area is accessible only by a fortnight's boat ride from Tanjung Selor up the Kayan River and then up the rapids of the Bahau tributary, or, using a mission airplane, by flying from Tarakan to Long Alango, on the Sungai Bahau.
According to Pak Camat Serphanius in Long Bawan, Lun Dayeh from the Kerayan have also moved to Samarinda, Tarakan, Nunukan, and Tanjung Selor in Kalimantan, to major cities in Java such as Jakarta and Yogjakarta and to Bali.
An analysis of counseling work behaviors by school coun selors.(Doctoral dissertation).
Assessment Observational Observational and diagnosis assessment by assessment by teachers at school parents, teachers, and by parents coaches, coun- and mentors in selors, mentors, community settings; and employers in observational school and commu- assessment and some nity settings; standardized testing standardized will be done by a assessment by school psychologist; school psycholo- if necessary, gists and special- specialized profes- ized assessment sionals such as by community- neuropsy-chologists based professio- and psychiatrists nals; functional will be added.
Understanding how "Research is needed to evaluate the impact research can effect of a training design mechanism whereby change in the field ASCA ensures they educate not only coun- selors, but also those with the power and authority to make change." "More research is needed to discover what factors are contributing to or influencing the changes in school counselors' beliefs and behaviors regarding the performance of counseling and non-counseling activities." 4.