SELPASpecial Education Local Plan Area
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Indeed, the CPCA has called for an independent, fact-finding inquiry into the process by which young children with autism have been educationally placed under auspices of the collaboration between Regional Centers, SELPAs, nonpublic agencies/schools, and parents (CPCA, personal communication, June 5, 2006).
The SJSU Program Director regularly attends regional SELPA meetings, county office of education meetings, and conferences with school superintendents and program specialists.
Piedmont is part of a SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) with four other school districts.
The county has for 25 years operated programs for children with severe disabilities, including the deaf and hard of hearing, developmentally delayed students, and children with multiple handicaps, said Margaret Cherene, interim director for the special education local plan area, or SELPA, for the Antelope Valley.
The services were among issues discussed during two recent public forums conducted as the county updates its SELPA plan, as required every four years.
In its SELPA plan, the county adopted a method developed at the University of North Carolina that visually structures a child's environment, as autistic children can better process information that they see rather than hear, Cartwright explained.
At the Phoenix School in Camarillo, the county Superintendent of Schools Office runs SELPA programs in four special-education classrooms.
Ventura County's SELPA, similar to others across the state, is an administrative and funding link with the state.
Covering the county's 20 school districts, and the Las Virgenes Unified School District in neighboring Los Angeles County, the SELPA ensures all students from birth through age 21 receive services, regardless of where they live.
SELPA is a state-mandated agency that is supposed to ensure special education needs are met in local school districts.
SELPA also provides parental education and training.