SELTICService, Efficiency, and Lower Taxes for Indianapolis Commission (advisory group; Indianapolis, IN)
SELTICScottish English Language Teaching in Consortium
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SELTIC's chairman, former Reagan White House political director Mitch Daniels, describes the commission's work as "antitrust for government." It is examining everything the city does and asking two questions: First, should government even be involved?
On a tour of the transportation department facilities, SELTIC commissioner Jean Wojtowicz, a venture capitalist who manages a $70-million portfolio, was shocked at the piles of what she calls "stuff" just lying around.
With the blessing of the mayor, a SELTIC team has established periodic "garage sales" of city-owned furniture, equipment, and materials.
Could government officials have achieved these savings without SELTIC? It's possible, but doubtful.
SELTIC's task is to systematically examine city services and ask some very basic questions.