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SELinuxSecurity Enhanced Linux
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The author has said that he considers SELinux to be the most important computing technology for Linux users that he has seen in the last several years.
Improved security without sacrificing performance, thanks to integrated support for SELinux and OverlayFS, as well as full support for the overlay2 storage graph driver.
Drawing on their work researching, teaching, and developing SELinux, Mayer, MacMillan, and Caplan present this guide to writing Security Enhanced Linux policies.
Privacy And Security: User Accounts, SELinux And Notification Contents
Initially, the project's scope was to enable the use of SELinux in Android to limit the damage that can be done by flawed or malicious apps and to enforce separation guarantees between apps.
It leverages Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the SELinux subsystem for a secure, multi-tenant architecture.
source project and leverages Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the SELinux subsystem
The platform offers the following features: Linux-based, GENIVI compliant platform with fast boot/start up, high performance, power management and security options built in; security capabilities with support for SELinux; MontaVista Linux Containers providing isolated virtualised container environments; networking and Internet support; multimedia capabilities for audio and video requirements; integration for consumer devices via Bluetooth or APIs; vendor specific UI customisation; and integrated toolset for application development.
Get theoretical knowledge and practical experience of SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) during this 4-day training session.
The Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) with advanced power management and optional IEC 61508 safety certification and Wurldtech Achilles communications certification, The Mentor Embedded Linux platform with integrated industrial protocols, SELinux mandatory access control support, and Sourcery CodeBench Professional toolsuite, Type-1 hypervisor technology for partitioning and separation, Advanced Sourcery Analyzer tool for advanced debug and system characterization, Qt graphics optimized for embedded automation controller user interface (UI) applications, Customized open source toolchains to optimize hardware components, code footprint, and application performance.
Android Runtime is the default engine for apps to boost performance while SELinux security implementation increases protection against vulnerabilities and malware attacks.
- Increased security ships as a virtual appliance based on SELinux, along with integration supporting federated single sign-on through Red Hat Identity Management.