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SEMSearch Engine Marketing
SEMSearch-Engine Marketing
SEMScanning Electron Microscope
SEMScanning Electron Microscopy
SEMStructural Equation Modeling
SEMStrategic Enterprise Management
SEMStandard Error of Mean
SEMSpace Environment Monitor
SEMStrategic Enrollment Management
SEMSociété d'Économie Mixte (French: Mixed Enterprise Company)
SEMSoftware Engineering and Middleware
SEMSecurity Event Management
SEMService Ecoles-Médias (French: Schools Media Service; Switzerland)
SEMSociety for Ethnomusicology
SEMSQL Enterprise Manager (Microsoft client for SQL Server)
SEMSchoolwide Enrichment Model
SEMSingle Electricity Market (Ireland and UK)
SEMSociety for Experimental Mechanics, Inc.
SEMSchool of Economics and Management
SEMSecurity Engineered Machinery
SEMSpectral Element Method
SEMSecurity Event Manager
SEMStandard Error of the Means
SEMSystems Engineering Management
SEMScience and Engineering of Materials
SEMsystolic ejection murmur (cardiology)
SEMSpace Experiment Module
SEMSaint Etienne Métropole (French: Saint Etienne Metropolis; Loire, France)
SEMSenior Engineering Manager
SEMSaccadic Eye Movement
SEMSports & Entertainment Marketing
SEMStrategic Environmental Management
SEMSlow Eye Movements
SEMSystems Engineering Manager
SEMSingularity Expansion Method
SEMSound and Efficient Management (EU)
SEMStock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd
SEMServices Execution Management
SEMSubsea Electronics Module
SEMStructural, Electrical and Mechanical (architectural engineering)
SEMSecondary Emission Monitor
SEMSystem Engineering Methodology
SEMSystem Engineering Manual
SEMSensitivity Equation Method
SEMSpherical Earth Model
SEMStandard Extrapolation Method
SEMSingle-Ended Mode
SEMSearch Engine Master
SEMSolution Engagement Manager (, Inc.)
SEMSkin, Eyes or Mouth (herpes infection)
SEMSudan Evangelical Mission
SEMSocially and Emotionally Maladjusted
SEMSite Engineering and Maintenance (Department)
SEMSimulation, Engineering, and Modeling
SEMStandard Equipment Modules
SEMStorm Electrification Model
SEMEvangelical Seminary of Madrid
SEMSystem Engineering and Modeling
SEMSolar Environmental Monitor
SEMSoftcopy Exploitation Management
SEMScheduled Event Management (Sprint)
SEMSecteur Extra-Métropolitain (French: Extra-Metropolitan Area; French Social Security)
SEMStation Emulation Mode
SEMSpecification Exception Material
SEMSecure Ethernet Multiplexer
SEMService Element Management (Sprint)
SEMStandard Electronic/Equipment Module
SEMSupplier Engineering Memo
SEMSurvivability Evaluation Methodology
SEMSynthetic Execution Model
SEMSociety for Experimental Methods
SEMSynchronization Element Manager (Datum)
SEMSubmissions on Enforcement Matters (Commission for Environmental Cooperation)
SEMStructural Engineering and Mechanics (journal; Techno Press)
SEMSamuel Eliot Morison (historian)
SEMSafety and Environmental Management (various organizations)
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The jNet ThingX JavaCard OS optimized for ARC SEM security processors enables embedded developers to deliver secure systems that are resistant to hardware and software attacks, while keeping area and power consumption to a minimum.
This Fall, Elite SEM tested the new systems by simultaneously running the new solution in parallel with its older, manual Excel workflow.
Also, with this announcement, Caterpillar will have nearly tripled SEM wheel loader capacity by 2014 when all wheel loader expansion plans are expected to be completed.
Another key component of Oracle SEM is Value Based Management, an analytical application that will enable executives to derive their corporate valuation metric of choice.
These were identified as oxide film defects, using SEM and microanalysis techniques.
The new instrument, developed by John Unguris, Daniel Pierce and Robert Celotta of the NBS Center for Radiation Research and Gary Hembree of the NBS Center for Manufacturing Engineering, combines a SEM with a spin polarimeter to get the usual picture of the surface topography and at the same time a map of the magnetic domains.
Presents a useful reference guide for applications of SEM whilst systematically demonstrating various advanced SEM models, such as multi-group and mixture models using Mplus.
HIES and SEM have been involved in technical collaborations related to amorphous transformers1 since 2012, and have formed a cooperative relationship in the field of engineering.
SEM will be offered in three versions to provide each small to medium size business the feature set that fits their current organizational and business needs.
In 2011, the new model will be sold throughout China, and SEM aims to sell 50,000 C1s in the new year.
In 2003, industry informed EFSA that it had discovered the presence of SEM in foodstuffs packaged in glass jars and bottles and sealed with metal lids and of its intention to develop gaskets using an alternative foaming agent.
The same sample blocks from which the LM and TEM sections were cut were also used from the SEM study.