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SEMATECHSemiconductor Manufacturing Technology
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Under his leadership, SEMATECH partnered with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) to launch the Resist and Materials Development Center, the world's preeminent EUV imaging resource, and the EUV Mask Infrastructure (EMI) Partnership which focuses on critical EUV tool development activities.
The Synopsys tools have proven useful in developing the OPC models that will allow us to push the immersion frontier," said Shane Palmer, SEMATECH senior technologist and Texas Instruments assignee.
A demonstration of the e-handbook was featured as part of the Quality and Productivity Research Conference, hosted by International SEMATECH in Austin, Texas.
These collaborative attempts -- one a grassroots effort and the other, SEMATECH, designed as more of a top-down program--reflect the changing nature of the nation's research enterprise as investigators respond to what many perceive as an economic crisis.
Novellus has been leading the industry in the development of ultraviolet thermal processing technology, so we are pleased to be partnering with SEMATECH on this program," said Ming Xi, vice president and general manager of Novellus' PECVD business unit.
Since 2006, Poongsan and SEMATECH have partnered in tool and process development projects that have successfully demonstrated the technical merits of a high pressure annealing furnace.
SEMATECH is a global semiconductor technology development consortium that has effectively represented the semiconductor manufacturing industry on innovation issues since 1988.
We are enthusiastic about sharing our progress on some of the most critical aspects of the development of EUV infrastructure," said Stefan Wurm, director of lithography at SEMATECH.
In April, Solectron underwent a comprehensive Year 2000 readiness assessment for the benefit of SEMI/SEMATECH members and International SEMATECH members.
The four companies -- Hyundai Electronics Industries, Infineon Technologies, Philips Semiconductors, and TSMC -- will begin working in the Interconnect Division this year and the remainder of the SEMATECH technical programs, including Front End Processes and Advanced Technology, in 2000.
With such partnerships, SEMATECH is continuing our commitment to develop and deliver the infrastructure required for this critical next-generation technology.
One of the goals we set for the workshop was for participants to recommend where International SEMATECH should focus its funding on NGL technologies," says Gerhard Gross, International SEMATECH director of lithography.