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SEMCISingle Entry Multiple Company Interface (insurance)
SEMCISingle Entry, Multiple Carrier Interface (software)
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The great progress being made with real time is putting independent agencies in striking distance of achieving the vision of SEMCI.
Because SEMCI is just one application of SOA and since the majority of insurance agencies are still in fairly early stages of using SEMCI, the application of SEMCI will continue to evolve as it becomes more embedded in agency workflow.
A bigger issue, that SEMCI is part of, is for agents to be able to upload information from the carriers' databases about their customers so they can market more effectively for renewals and cross-selling," he said.
According to the survey, only 32 percent of respondents use SEMCI to enter data and communicate with multiple insurers for quoting, issuing policies and handling policyholder inquiries.
Noting that the insurance industry has been talking about the SEMCI (single-entry, multiple carrier interface) concept for years, Horton added, "We're not talking pipedreams any more.
For years, many agents and carriers envisioned single-entry, multiple-carrier interface as the solution to this problem, but now many believe the evolution of SEMCI into real-time interface is the answer that will help them save both time and money.
For insurers, XML should make moot the three-decade battle over SEMCI (Single-Entry Multiple-Carrier Interface), he said, adding that XML replaces "duct tape and baling wire" of legacy systems.
Over the next several months, Ohio Casualty plans to take on a new challenge it believes has not yet been met within the industry: single-entry multiple-company interface, better-known as SEMCI.
Utilizing InsuranceNoodle's proprietary SEMCI technology, Noodle Specialty Brokers offers professional liability and specialty small commercial property and casualty insurance products on a nationwide basis.
Based on InsuranceNoodle's proprietary SEMCI technology, NSB provides retailers and wholesalers online access to specialty small commercial products not available from national standard lines small commercial P&C carriers.
While Travelers has separate password-protected agent sites for personal, commercial and life and annuity businesses, they also have partnered with Agency Management System's Towerstreet to provide real-time SEMCI capabilities for their agents.