SEMETSmall Electric Motors and Electric Traction Group (Romania)
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Let the reader now imagine what an investment of funds it would require to rewrite the architectural book; to cause thousands of edifices to swarm once more upon the soil; to return to those epochs when the throng of monuments was such, according to the statement of an eye witness, "that one would have said that the world in shaking itself, had cast off its old garments in order to cover itself with a white vesture of churches." Erat enim ut si mundus, ipse excutiendo semet, rejecta vetustate, candida ecclesiarum vestem indueret .
Las fuentes de Se inorganico (selenito) u organico (SeMet y levadura rica en Se) agregadas a las dietas de crecimiento-finalizacion afectan la cantidad de Se retenido y excretado por el organismo.
To our knowledge, seleno-L-methionine (SeMet), the organic form of selenium, has not been tested in any study.
The last more specifically addresses their shortcomings as spiritual "pastors": "Quinto et ultimo, quia non video ad quid deserviant in Ecclesia Dei, id est ad quid utiles sint, nisi forte quia salvos faciunt semet ipsos; que a Ieronimo 'sancta rusticitas' appellatur, que 'solummodo sibi prodest, et quantum edificat ex vite merito Ecclesiam Christi, tantum nocet, si destruentibus non resistat.' Sed longe melius valet ille cui dici potest, Luc.
Boar sperm motility, viability and acrosome reaction increased significantly in sodium selenite (SS), selenomethionine (SeMet) and Vit-E (5.5 [micro]g/L and 1.0 mM, respectively) compared with the control (Tareq et al., 2012).
29-30), a similar utterance occurs: Margarita too refers to Christ's death for our sake and states that she will not hesitate to die for Him (Christus semet ipsum pro nobis tradidit in mortem et ego pro ipso mori non dubitabo).
[7] (a) Semet, V.; Thien Binh, V.; Guillot, D.; Teo, K.
krector, i 'svcrirfAi Semet Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior David Geffen School of Medicine University of 'California, Los-Angeles Director Desert Pacific Mental Illness Research.
Many thanks to Bruce Ackerman, Ian Ayres, Jim Brudney, Bill Eskridge, John Manning, Henry Monaghan, Anne Joseph O'Connell, Bill Popkin, Robert Post, Roberta Romano, Judge Anthony Scirica, Kevin Stack, Peter Strauss, participants at workshops at Brooklyn, Temple, and Yale Law Schools and the Conference for Empirical Legal Studies, all the staffers who spoke with us, Yale Law School students James Dawson, Alex Hemmer, Jeff Kane, Noah Kazis, Whitney Leonard, Katie Madison, Kathryn Mammel, Ravi Ramanathan, Emily Rock, Rebecca Wolitz, and, for several years of extraordinary assistance with all data-related aspects of the piece, Adriana Robertson and Amy Semet.
Rabate, Dominique, Joelle de Semet et Yves Vade, eds.