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SEMIDESystème Euro-Méditerranéen d'Information sur les Savoire-Faire Dans le Domaine de l'Eau (French: Euro-Mediterranean Regional Program for Local Water Management
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Para que (3) sea satisfecha, la funcion f(x) debe ser concava, lo cual es equivalente a que la matriz sea semide.
In order to raise awareness and mobilise Moroccan stakeholders in the water sector on the exchange of information and know-how, SEMIDE and the State Secretariat for Water, attached to the Ministry for Planning Water and the Environment, staged an information seminar in Rabat on April 27 and 28.
Design team: Clemente Meneres Semide (principal architect), Tiago Faria, Christian Gaenshirt, Sofia Thenaisie Coelho, Edison Okumura, Abilio Mourao, Avelino Silva, Joao Sabugueiro, Cristina Ferreirinha, Taichi Tomuro, Daniela Antonucci, Francesca Montalto, Francisco Reina Guedaes de Carvalho
Euro-Mediterranean water regulators and representatives from the =Commission should meet on November 12-13 in the SEMIDE framework =programme - Euro-Mediterranean Information System in Water Know-how.