SEMMSymbol Enterprise Mobility Manager (computer software)
SEMMSolar Electric Multimission Spacecraft (NASA)
SEMMStructural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials Program (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; University of California, Berkeley; Berkeley, CA)
SEMMSmoke Effectiveness Manual Model
SEMMSerrated Edged Macro Morcellated
SEMMStone Effect Moulded Monuments Ltd. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
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Riverside specializes in investing in premier SEMM companies (those with enterprise values of less than $150 million) and partners with strong management teams to build companies through acquisitions and value-added growth.
158 Scalable effects for missiles and munitions SEMM.
SEMM launched in 2009 its first Structured International Post doc program (SIPOD) under the FP7-PEOPLE- 2007-COFUND scheme.