SEMUTSEnter for Miljø- og UtviklingsTudier (Centre for Environment and Development Studies; Norway)
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To prepare the ground I shall start with a few remarks on the organization of schools and teaching in Semut. I am thinking mainly in public schools, not in the sense in which the English use this word, but schools under the control of the education authority, whatever that may be, rather than private schools.
Covert operations in Northwest Borneo: AGAS and SEMUT
{18} The SRD implemented the Borneo Project in a series of long-term operations codenamed AGAS and SEMUT in North Borneo and Sarawak respectively.
{19} The precursors to AGAS and SEMUT were PYTHON 1 and 2 carried out in North Borneo in the vicinity of Labian Point.
These reconnaissance missions were codenamed SEMUT under the overall command of Major G.
{22} Harrisson and members of SEMUT 1 parachuted into Bario in the Kelabit Highlands during the later part of March 1945.
{23} Prior to 10 June, D-Day of OBOE 6, SRD operatives in North Borneo (AGAS) and northern Sarawak (SEMUT) were relaying intelligence to Blamey's Advanced Land Headquarters at Morotai in the Halmaheras.
{24} In addition to the gathering of intelligence from AGAS and SEMUT field parties, preparations were underway for mounting reconnaissance missions aimed at extracting specific information on the topography and enemy dispositions in the immediate hinterland areas of Brunei Bay.
A WT network between field parties (AGAS, SEMUT, STALLION), 9th Division Headquarters, 20th Brigade, 24th Brigade, and Advanced Land Headquarters at Morotai (also the base for Advanced SRD Headquarters).
{25} The flow of intelligence from AGAS and SEMUT parties reached Morotai via WT providing up-to-date information of enemy dispositions, identification of the Japanese Sago Butai Infantry Battalion that garrisoned Kuching, enemy defences, and troop movements.
The direct contribution of AGAS and SEMUT to OBOE 6 was provision to the 1st Australian Corps and 9th Australian Division of fairly reliable and continuous intelligence concerning enemy movements, concentration, and disposition.
{51} Remarkable success had also been achieved by SEMUT, particularly 1 and 2.