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SEMWShanghai Engineering Machine Works (China)
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TM SEMW in a homogeneous layer are described by the following expressions [16]: above the layer (z [greater than or equal to] t)
6), the attenuation and propagation properties of TM SEMW in RAM layers with resistive loading can be obtained.
For very thin thickness of coated RAM layer, purely dielectric RAM is not as efficient at attenuating SEMW as RAM with magnetic properties [17].
Contour of the attenuation of SEMW in the sample RAM layer at the frequency of 2 GHz is proposed in Fig.
2-4, we can observe that the significant SEMW attenuation, but thin layer and low-frequency surface electromagnetic wave absorbing materials are difficult to realize.
This type of material is often used as SEMW waves absorbing coatings.
The attenuation of TM-polarized SEMW in this actual RAM covered by resistive sheet with variable square resistance values is proposed, just as shown in Fig.
6, we can observe that the attenuation of SEMW in the actual RAM with resistive loading is significant improved, but its cutoff frequencies is not changeable.