SEMYSecondary Education for Migrant Youth (Washington)
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Neither SEMY nor Semitool assumes any obligation to update or supplement forward-looking statements that become untrue because of subsequent events.
For more information regarding SEMY Engineering, log onto the World Wide Web at www.
We selected SEMY Engineering to fulfill a critical need in our manufacturing operations based on the success we've had with the deployment of SEMY's products in our Colorado factory," said ATMEL's Executive Vice President of Technology, Dr.
ATMEL's Colorado Springs facility has been operating its diffusion furnaces under the control of SEMY products since 1994 and has recently expanded the installation to include metals, films, etch and cleans areas.
With a demonstrated return on investment in less than six months, ATMEL will be able to reap the benefits from our productivity improvements almost immediately," says President of SEMY Engineering, Kevin Jackson.
Founded in 1984, SEMY Engineering is the leading provider of Production-Proven APC Solutions(TM) to the semiconductor industry.
SEMY Engineering, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Semitool, Inc.
Working together with Motorola to satisfy the company's stringent process requirements, SEMY successfully demonstrated its Advanced Run-To-Run Control (ARRC(R)) product operating with both CMP and CVD process tools.
With the acquisition of SEMY Engineering, Brooks expands its factory automation strategy to include SEMY's automated and integrated process control solutions, which provide real-time, proactive operating information for fab management to improve Overall Factory Efficiency (OFE).
Our mission at SEMY is to help companies increase OFE and financial growth, by giving them quick access to complete and timely data needed for sound decision-making.
SEMY, a leading provider of advanced process and equipment control software (APC) systems to semiconductor fabs, was acquired by Semitool in 1996.
In the fiscal year 2000, ended September 30, 2000, SEMY Engineering's revenues were $19.