SENCOSpecial Educational Needs Coordinator (UK)
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According to Mark Symonds, salesman for SENCO Alaska, SENCO introduced the first nail gun to Alaska, and the Butts bought the statewide distributorship for SENCO products.
If the SENCO is the only staff member receiving SEN training how can this knowledge be effectively transferred to you?
Although the required procedures are broadly equivalent to the Code of Practice, there is no mandated equivalent to the SENCO role.
Mrs McGlynn has now left her part-time SENCO role, while headteacher Mr O'Shea announced his retirement on the same day the council dropped its tribunal defence.
Each chapter explains principles underlying policy, offers practical suggestions, and discusses issues relevant to the role of the SENCO, with emphasis on working towards SENCO qualification and cooperating with other key players.
Working closely with Middlesbrough Healthy Schools and Acklam Grange's SENCO, we invited a small group of pupils from local primaries and the school community to participate in a six-week cooking course.
Once a report is made, discuss the findings with the SENCO, and it should form the basis of an action plan to help your child.
Though the text is written specifically for SENCOs (Special Education Needs Coordinator; in the UK, a teacher at each school is appointed to be that schoolAEs SENCO), any educator interested in understanding better how to assist students with ADHD will benefit from the text.